About RxTPL

RxTPL is America's Fast, Easy & Cost Effective HealthCare 3PL Provider

RxTPL was founded in 2012 in a single warehouse in Fairfield, Ohio with a handful of clients and a few simple, yet different ideas about how Healthcare Third Party Logistics Services should be provided.

How Should Healthcare Third Party Logistics be Provided?

Why choose Us?


We partner with, rather than be a vendor for, our clients.

Effective Planning

No Surprise Charges

We act in a manner consistent with a client partner and not overcharge for our services nor will we "nickel and dime" our clients by billing them for every possible activity we can identify, we understand that our clients don't like surprises anymore than we do.

Industry Experience

Industry-Experienced Staff

We staff our organization with people that have significant and relevant experience in the pharmaceutical / medical device industry and that our primary market niche is the start up client and the existing client in the small to mid-size range.

Purpose Driven Business

Purpose-Driven Business

We operate our business for its purpose rather than as a means to support the business objectives of a parent organization's primary line of business.

We've Expanded Due to Steady Growth!

With steady growth to nearly 50 healthcare clients, we have tripled our capacity and have expanded into another facility. Our clients include those from the brand, biologic, generic, over the counter, medicinal food, and medical device categories. We attribute our growth to the fact that we are fast, easy and cost-effective...and that is what makes us different and better.