Traditional 3PL Services

Those services which most 3PL providers will manage and which separate 3PL activity from public warehousing capability.


This is where experience and approach pays dividends for our clients as this is a very important activity to get right, but doesnt require an army of people nor months of time to complete. Our people have participated in hundreds of implementations with several 3PLs in all the healthcare categories. We will implement your company efficiently, quickly and without the need for you to commit months of your time.

Logistics Management

Inbound Transportation, Receiving, Put-Away, Storage, Order Fulfillment, Outbound Transportation and DSCSA Serialization.

Account Management

Assigning of a person to be your "go-to" on all matters related to your business. This function is based at the Company HQ so that issues can get addressed quickly and completely.

Order-to-Cash Services

A “customer facing” role in which we manage customer service, the order entry process, invoicing, accounts receivables, and the production of month end financial reports. Let us handle the “back office” activities while you focus your efforts and energy on driving demand.

EDI Capabilities / System Integration:

Creating the ability for your customers to order product in a manner they prefer and consitent with the integration you require with your 3PL provider. We can connect with your customers for the transactions they wish to communicate if you want us to "face" your customers. We can integrate with you if you wish to "face your customers" and pass the information to us. We can accomodate CSOS. We are capable, quick, and very cost effective.