Value-Added 3PL Services

Those services which few Healthcare 3PL Providers perform, but that we perform because we feel they are required of us in order to serve our client base.

State Licensing Management

We understand that Start Up companies need a lot of support and that often times starts with the need to become properly licensed at the state and federal level. We have a team that can popluate and submit the initial application and manage the renewal process for our clients. We use a proprietary on-line database and repository tool called Overwatch that our clients have access to as well.

Graphics / Marketing Support

We have a graphics department that has experience in print design, package design, web design, label design and database/software capabilities. RxTPLs Overwatch system was developed in-house by our Graphics Department.

Real-Time Dashboard

Operational and financial information / reports are available in real-time as well as thru reports run overnight.

Government Contracts, Pricing, Reporting, and Rebates

We manage Government Contracts and submissions / reconciliations for CMS , PHS 340B, and VA/FSS activity.